Corporate Services

St Peter Port

We offer full corporate administration services for a Guernsey company and, through agents we can also incorporate and administer companies from most other jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands.

There are a number of different types of Guernsey company available, such as a company limited by shares, by guarantee, unlimited or mixed liability, a protected cell company (“PCC”) and a incorporated cell company “(ICC”). Guernsey has a modern Company law and Company Registry.


A Company incorporated under Guernsey law has the following key benefits:

  • No authorised share capital
  • Unlimited objects
  • Single members are permitted
  • No requirement to file accounts
  • Ability to waive requirement to hold AGM’s and to have accounts audited (subject to certain conditions)
  • Distributions are by way of a solvency test
  • Simple and cost effective striking off
  • Standard rate of tax applicable to companies is 0%


As part of our full managed administration, Jupiter Trustees Limited provides the following services:

  • Incorporation of a Guernsey company
  • Provision of corporate directors or individual directors
  • Company administration and management
  • Company secretary services
  • Acting as Registered Office and Resident Agent
  • Annual accounts
  • Opening and maintaining a bank account
  • Appointment of an investment advisor or manager if appropriate (we do not provide investment advice)

We are able to engage any investment manager or financial adviser to look after the company’s investments, subject to suitability.

Please see the PDF guide for more information on a Guernsey company.
Jupiter Guide – Guernsey Company – Click here to download

We also offer incorporation only services, as well as limited corporate services such as registered office or corporate secretary, strictly and solely for Guernsey residents wishing to set up a Guernsey company or who have existing Guernsey companies.