Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme

St Peter Port Harbour

Individuals who are looking to enhance their personal pensions outside the UK annual allowance and lifetime allowance limits can establish a Guernsey registered personal pension as a Qualified Non-UK Pension Scheme (“Guernsey QNUPS”).  The personal pension plan is approved by the Guernsey Revenue Service.

We have a multi-member Guernsey QNUPS called the Jupiter Non-UK Pension Scheme which is open to both Guernsey residents and UK residents.


A Guernsey approved pension scheme has the following advantages:

  • No limit to contributions*
  • Outside UK annual and lifetime allowance limit
  • No requirement to purchase an annuity
  • Contributions roll up income and capital gains tax free**
  • Greater investment freedom
  • Ability to grant loans to members in certain circumstances
  • Governed by Guernsey law

* Contributions should be consistent with the level of wealth although individual circumstances will be taken into consideration

** Subject to certain qualifications


Jupiter provides the following services:

  • Establishment and administration of the pension fund
  • Quarterly valuations
  • Annual accounts
  • Appointment of investment advisor or manager (we do not provide investment advice)

We are able to engage any investment manager or financial adviser to look after the pension fund investments, subject to suitability.

Please see the PDF guide for more information on our QNUPS scheme.
  Jupiter Guide – QNUPS – Click here to download