Executorship Services

We provide professional executorship services for both Guernsey residents and international clients

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We provide assistance with estate planning by acting as a professional executor and undertaking estate administration. We can act as an executor to Guernsey wills covering assets located in Guernsey and worldwide, for both Guernsey residents and international clients wanting to establish a Guernsey will for cross-border estate planning. We can also act as trustee for a trust established under a will.

Under Guernsey law since 2011 there is no longer a forced heirship regime and individuals have testamentary freedom to dispose of their property upon their death as they see fit. There are usually two wills – a will of personalty which covers all personal assets and real property other than Guernsey real property, and a will of realty which covers specifically Guernsey real property.

For Guernsey residents, in the absence of a will (i.e. where a person dies “intestate”), Guernsey law will instead dictate how a deceased’s persons property will pass. These “intestacy rules” may not be in line with the deceased’s wishes, which is why a will is advisable.

For international clients,  having a Guernsey will can assist in cross-border estate planning, allowing assets in various jurisdictions to be ring-fenced, which may be desirable for tax planning or to allow administrative efficiency.

Benefits of Guernsey

For international clients, a Guernsey will can cover their worldwide assets independent of the jurisdiction in which they reside or are domiciled in. Guernsey is a politically stable jurisdiction with a wealth of world class professional service providers. Further a Guernsey will remains valid if international clients move jurisdictions. Legal advice on cross-border wills will be essential due to any conflict of laws issues.  Having a professional executor allows for the efficient administration of an estate.

Where an international client has assets located in Guernsey, a separate Guernsey will dealing with those Guernsey assets can be preferable to speed up the probate process in relation to those Guernsey assets, as a Guernsey grant of probate could be applied for without first having to go through getting a grant of probate in the foreign jurisdiction.

Services provided

Jupiter provides the following services:

  • acting as a professional executor to Guernsey & international wills
  • undertaking all aspects of estate administration
  • act as trustee of trusts established under a will

Please note that Jupiter does not provide legal or tax advice, although we work with a number of law firms and tax advisers and can assist in obtaining the required advice if necessary.