Trustee Services

St Peter Port Harbour

We can establish and administer a wide variety of Guernsey law trusts including discretionary, life interest and testamentary. Guernsey has a mature regulated fiduciary industry backed up with a modern Trust law. We are also able to administer trusts established under the laws of other jurisdictions.

A Guernsey law trust is a very flexible vehicle that can be used for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Estate planning
  • Preserving confidentiality
  • Reducing tax liabilities
  • Avoiding the need for probate
  • Sheltering assets from potential claims from creditors
  • Charitable purposes.


A trust established under Guernsey law has the following key benefits:

  • Unlimited duration
  • Confidentiality and no requirement to be registered
  • Not subject to Guernsey tax on non-Guernsey source income (as long as there are no Guernsey resident settlors or beneficiaries)
  • Non-charitable purposes are permitted
  • Settlor reserved powers


Jupiter provides the following services:

  • Formation and acting as trustee of a Guernsey trust
  • Annual accounts
  • Opening and maintaining a bank account
  • Appointment of investment advisor or manager (we do not provide investment advice)
  • Incorporation and administration of underlying companies

We are able to engage any investment manager or financial adviser to look after the trust’s investments, subject to suitability.

We are able to offer Private Trust Company services.

For introducers we can also offer the advantages of establishing and administering a Managed Trust Company for their clients.

Please see the PDF guide for more information on a Guernsey trust.
Jupiter Guide – Guernsey Trustee Services – Click here to download